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Build Your Guild Event

Keldon, Apr 19, 12 7:15 PM.

Are you a new or returning player?* Get these benefits from joining a guild:
  • Get +10% XP and +1 Loot just for grouping with fellow guild members! 
  • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 8!**
  • Earn one Large Bounty for reaching levels 12 and 16!
  • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 20!
Your entire guild will get these bonuses as well:
  • Non-new and non-returning players who are grouped with new or returning guild members earn +5% XP and +1 Loot!
  • Non-new and non-returning player characters will earn a Small Bounty for their guild at levels 12, 16 and 20!
Large Bounties will award 25,000 Guild Renown and five Astral Diamonds, and Small Bounties will award 2,500 Guild Renown. All Bounties are subject to guild size bonuses, and are affected by Guild Renown Elixirs. 

Chance for Free TP

Keldon, Apr 12, 12 2:49 PM.
"Hey folks! For the next three weeks we are going to be running a community party on Lamannia! From Thursday April 12th, through April 28th we will be having events on Lamannia! You personally can win 250 Turbine Points once a day, just for showing up! That’s right! Every day, for just for coming to Lamannia you can win Turbine Points. If you win every day for a week that is 1750 Turbine Points! Not a bad deal eh?" 

Coupon Code

Keldon, Apr 3, 12 1:30 PM.
Get a free Bracelet of Friends! Coupon Code: cst250
1/account, never expires.

Enhancement Changes Coming

Keldon, Apr 3, 12 1:02 PM.
Link to 200+ Forum pages discussing the new enhancement changes! 

Lets Talk Enhancements!

Bug Warning!

Keldon, Apr 3, 12 12:43 PM.
From the forums: "There appears to be a new bug in 13.1 that will permanently make your ingredients bags BtC when you put a BtC ingredient in them."

See DevTracker for more info...
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